about us

The History of Hosanna Chapel

Hosanna Christian Fellowship, a Calvary Chapel affiliate, was born in the 1970’s when a small study group of Christians thought it was better to rely on the Bible as a guide to salvation and living a meaningful life.  Hosanna’s Pastor Garry Ansdell was schooled and ordained by Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa where the bible is taught in a non-denominational manner.

In 1986 Hosanna (which means “Save Now”) purchased a vacant theater in Bellflower, saving a city landmark, as well as lives through Jesus.  Since 1975, the Nubell/HolidayTheater, an architectural masterpiece built by F.E. Woodruff in 1929, was steadily deteriorating while the City of Bellflower was deciding how the building could best be used to serve the community.Once the congregation purchased the building, volunteers began an ambitious restoration.  The theater seats were removed and donated to several ministries in Mexico.  It took 200 gallons of paint just to cover the ceiling.

With more space, came more worshipers which has ultimately led to a highly effective ministry.  Hosanna sponsors bible study groups and evangelical recreation programs that keep the city’s youth constructively encouraged. With volunteer help from numerous other ministries Hosanna also operates the Lifeguard Relief Agency.  Each week thousands of needy individuals and families of all faiths and races are given free food and a helping hand.

Today, the congregation is 600 adult members strong and is continuing to grow.  In 1997 Hosanna received a Beautification Award from the Chamber of Commerce recognizing their leadership in bringing life back to the downtown district.

We welcome all who come to learn, seek, grow and have fellowship as a part of this Calvary Chapel fellowship of  believers. We believe that the true basis of Christian fellowship is God’s (AGAPE) love.  We believe in expressing that love to one another.

Jesus said, “Learn of Me”  (Matthew 11:29).  Therefore, we place great emphasis upon the teaching and study of God’s Word,  the Bible.

Jesus said, “You must worship in spirit and truth” (John 4:24). Therefore, we give great place to music in our service that the Holy  Spirit may lead us into true worship.

Jesus said, “Men ought always to pray”  (Luke 18:1). Therefore, we encourage everyone to fellowship with God daily through prayer that you may be filled with His love and His power.

We study the bible together that we might know God, for He is revealed to us in His Word.  We believe that the “end times” and doctrines concerning the gifts of the Spirit should not be  doctrines that divide.  Therefore, our emphasis at Hosanna Christian Fellowship is to love one  another and “to know the truth, because the truth will set you free.”