A/V/L/M stand for Audio, Video, Lighting and Media. All of our worship services employ various technologies to support and enhance the worship and teaching. Our audio team mans the sound board and handles the live mixing of the audio to create an engaging and pleasing listening experience for the congregation. They also make sure that the bible studies are recorded and available on cd for immediate purchase after services or online at our website. The media is responsible for all the content that appears on the main screen during service whether that be the words for the song we sing during worship, or images and videos Pastor Garry may use during his teaching. The video crew mans our cameras to make sure that the bible studies are recorded properly for archive purposes and use in online broadcast. And lastly, our lighting crew make sure everything is lit properly and tastefully, ensuring a pleasing visual experience. As with many ministries here at Hosanna, each of these areas of service are filled by wonderful volunteers from our own congregation. If you are interested in serving in any area of our A/V/L/M team (no experience needed, we train!) please contact Pastor Nathan. Opportunities to serve exisit Sunday Mornings during both 8:30am and 10:30am services, as well as Wednesday nights during the 7:15pm service.

Ministry Leader: Pastor Nathan Hamre

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