About our Media Ministry and Grace that Abounds:

Grace that Abounds is the radio/tv/media outreach ministry of Pastor Garry Ansdell. Helping everybody to Know the Truth, Live the Truth, and Share the truth is the mission and goal of the media ministry and Grace that Abounds. For thousands of years the truth of God's word has offered wisdom and inspiration for literally changing our lives for good. But most of us still struggle with matching up the words of the Bible with the real-life problems and challenges that we face every day. We believe the answers are in there, we just have a difficult time finding them when we need them most. Early in his own relationship with God, Pastor Garry Ansdell had a deep passion to not only know the truth, but to practically live what it teaches and share it with others. Pastor Garry's love for the Bible and for life comes to life in every message he shares with the people he pastors at Hosanna Christian Fellowship in Bellflower, California. Pastor Garry's desire to share the truth and relevance of the Bible, so that everyone can know it and live it, provides the fuel behind the mission to take this message to where people are at through radio, internet television broadcasts, Web streaming, podcasting, and other media tools.

Visit the Grace That Abounds website at www.gracethatabounds.com where you can listen to current and past radio broadcasts as well as download mp3's or studies that especially minister to your walk!

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