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Wed, Nov 23, 2016
Series: Topicals
Duration: 33 mins 50 secs
Pastor Garry shares a special message on Thanksgiving
Sun, Nov 20, 2016
Series: Phillippians
Duration: 39 mins 26 secs
Wed, Nov 16, 2016
Passage: Acts 1
Series: Acts
Duration: 38 mins 53 secs
Tue, Nov 15, 2016
Duration: 26 mins 56 secs
Here are 6 "contradictions" in the Bible. This is a sampling of the type of thing we see when people say the Bible is "full of contradictions". Examples are taken from Bart Ehrman, Infidels.org, Peter Jennings and others. There will be more videos on the topic of Supposed Contradictions in the coming weeks.
Sun, Nov 13, 2016
Series: Topicals
Duration: 53 mins 36 secs
Fri, Nov 11, 2016
Duration: 1 hr 17 mins 45 secs
Is it a conspiracy? Do translations intentionally change the Bible's message? Is the NIV a "gay Bible"? Is it the "Not Inspired Version"? There has been a lot of false information floating around out there about how the Bible has been translated. Many people are confused about the difference between textual sources and translational methodology. Many are under the false impression that newer translations are "taking out" various passages that belong in the Bible. However, there are some genuinely bad translations. This video is an attempt to bring clarity and rationality to the discussion and leave you with a general understanding of Bible translations. Check out all the videos in this series "Evidence for the Bible" Mike Winger
Wed, Nov 09, 2016
Passage: Matthew 5:13
Series: Matthew
Duration: 51 mins 51 secs
Post election, how should Christians behave? What are our marching order despite whether or not our candidate won?
Sun, Nov 06, 2016
Series: Topicals
Duration: 38 mins 12 secs
Sun, Oct 30, 2016
Series: Topicals
Duration: 43 mins 37 secs
Thu, Oct 27, 2016
Duration: 1 hr 2 mins 15 secs
What specific verses were added or left out of the Bible over time? Multiple examples are discussed such as Mark 16:9-20, John 7:53-8:11, 1John 5:7 and MANY others. After getting the details of these variants we can see clearly that the Bible has been preserved throughout the years and we still should have great confidence that we have a faithful record of the word of God in our Bibles today. This video is part of an extensive series called "Evidence for the Bible" where I deal with all major issues of defending the Bible as the word of God.
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