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Wed, Aug 16, 2017
Passage: Psalm 13
Series: Psalms
Duration: 39 mins 18 secs
Have you ever been truly hurting on the inside and feeling like you had to force a fake smile? The greatest example we see of a cast down spirit is King David. In this study, we see how much he hurts in Psalm 13, but as you read through the next few chapters, you see how he overcomes grief and depression by placing hope in God.
Sun, Aug 13, 2017
Duration: 54 mins 19 secs
In this continuation of the Why__? series, Pastor Garry Ansdell teaches on the importance of giving both inside and outside of the church. But more than the how of giving, this study focuses on the spiritual reasons why we give.
Sun, Aug 06, 2017
Passage: Hebrews 11:1
Duration: 44 mins
In this connection between chess, warfare, and communication, Pastor Garry teaches about the importance of prayer, why we should pray, and what the consequences are of a lack of communication with God.
Wed, Aug 02, 2017
Passage: Psalm 12
Series: Psalms
Duration: 34 mins 53 secs
In this chapter of Psalms, a connection is made to the New Testament about the seven pure words of the Lord and the connection the passage has with communion.
Sun, Jul 30, 2017
Passage: John 8:44
Duration: 48 mins 37 secs
In this Bible study featuring a chess board, the Wizard of Oz, and the Word of God, Pastor Garry teaches about why we should not fear the devil because of the ongoing work of God.
Wed, Jul 26, 2017
Passage: Psalm 11
Series: Psalms
Duration: 30 mins 16 secs
When Foundations of America are removed, how do we handle that? What do we pass on to the next generation? In Psalm 11, the righteous are instructed on what to do when foundations are removed and how to hope in God.
Sun, Jul 23, 2017
Passage: Romans 3
Duration: 47 mins 18 secs
Why do Christians follow some of the Old Testament laws, but now all of them? Is there possible bias or selective obedience occurring? In this study learn why some laws, such as stoning and not eating shell fish, are not followed, while other laws such as prohibiting sex outside of marriage are still enforced.
Wed, Jul 19, 2017
Passage: Psalm 9-10
Series: Psalms
Duration: 41 mins 20 secs
When you see the evil in the world and wonder where God is, this study in Psalm 9 & 10 causes you to question not what God can do, but how you can affect the world around you.
Sun, Jul 16, 2017
Duration: 33 mins 11 secs
Wed, Jul 12, 2017
Passage: Psalm 8
Series: Psalms
Duration: 36 mins 55 secs
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