Mar 2018
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Sun, Mar 18, 2018
Series: Colossians
Duration: 55 mins 35 secs
Have you ever called Jesus "Lord" or heard someone else call Him "Lord"? What exactly does that mean? We often do not realize the magnitude the words we use carry, but in this study by Pastor Nathan Hamre we look into what it means exactly for Jesus to be Lord. By going through Colossians, we see how powerful Jesus is and with all certainty we praise Him as our Lord.
Wed, Mar 14, 2018
Has someone ever requested that you would pray for them, but you weren’t really sure how? We are told to pray for our brothers and sisters, but what exactly should we pray for? Watch this study from Colossians 1:9 that teaches us how best to pray for others by seeing how Paul did. Take these things to heart as you pray for your fellow believers each and every day.
Wed, Mar 07, 2018
As Christians, we have a lot of reasons to be filled with joy. No matter what happens day to day, we can have faith in God to be there for us, His children. And, when it seems like there isn’t much to be praising God for, we can find joy in the fact that we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and will be in heaven in the presence of God someday.
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