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Sun, Jan 14, 2018
Passage: Genesis 1:1
Series: Genesis
Why should you adopt a christian worldview? In this study by Pastor Garry Ansdell, we learn about reasons to believe in a Christian worldview, including the lies that tend to persist in other worldviews.
Sun, Jan 07, 2018
Duration: 47 mins 37 secs
Why should you go to church? In this study by Pastor Garry Ansdell, we learn about what church is, how church started, and what church is supposed to look like and how it should relate to you personally.
Sun, Dec 31, 2017
Passage: Isaiah 40
Series: Isaiah
Duration: 41 mins 43 secs
What attitude should we take toward 2018? Looking around, we see a lot of evil in today's world and often it is hard to have hope that any good can come out of the new year. However, Pastor Garry Ansdell teaches this study on hope to have peace, hope, and a sound mind looking to the future as we see God's plan being carried out.
Sun, Dec 24, 2017
Passage: Exodus 24
Series: Exodus
Duration: 27 mins 6 secs
Hosanna's 2017 Christmas Eve Service with Pastor Garry Ansdell. In this study, we learn how God orchestrates every event to bring His plans to pass in our lives.
Sun, Dec 17, 2017
The story of Jesus's birth serves a greater purpose than a Christmas morning reading. In this study, we learn how the Biblical accounts of the birth of Christ actually fill in a lot of details and serve as a prequel to the gospel message. The accounts given of the birth of our Savior are a key tool when witnessing to others during this Christmas season.
Mon, Dec 11, 2017
Duration: 4 mins 5 secs
What does Christmas mean to you? In this study, here members of Hosanna share why Christmas is important to them and what God has done in their lives.
Sun, Dec 03, 2017
A lot of stories of sexual harassment have been surfacing lately, and as Christians it is important to know how to approach such matters. The place to begin is by learning not only how God feels about the matter of sexual harassment, but in this study we also learn why sexual harassment occurs. While harassment is committed against both genders, this study by Pastor Garry Ansdell focuses on why sexual harassment is committed against women specifically in the workplace setting.
Sun, Dec 03, 2017
Duration: 39 mins 55 secs
What is God's view of sexual harassment? In this sequel to "Prequel to a Biblical View of Women Who Have Been Sexually Harassed," we delve into how God sees His children who have been sexually harassed in the workplace or otherwise.
Sun, Dec 03, 2017
Duration: 15 mins 38 secs
What is God's view of sexual harassment? Even more importantly, how does God see His children who have been affected by this topic? Sexual harassment can be hard to deal with if you are unfamiliar with the Biblical Perspective on it. In this study, we begin to see what scripture has to say about sexual misconduct and harassment and how it relates to society today. After this video be sure to watch the sequel, "A Biblical View of Women Who Have Been Sexually Harassed" by Pastor Garry Ansdell.
Wed, Nov 22, 2017
Duration: 44 mins 39 secs
Pastor Garry Ansdell, Pastor Manuel Martinez, Pastor Nathan Hamre, and Spanish Fellowship Leader Edgar Serrano all share on being thankful for this Thanksgiving Eve service.
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