Why do we ____?

Why do we ____?

Jun 2017 - Jan 2018

From the time we are children we ask the question why. Why this? Why that? It's a wonderful part of our human nature to seek answers to understand our lives, our world and our surrounding. As a christian, the same applies. Why do we go to church? Why do we give? Why do we pray? Pastor Garry addresses these and other questions in this series "Why do we ____?" 

Messages in this series
Sun, Jan 07, 2018
Duration: 47 mins 37 secs
Why should you go to church? In this study by Pastor Garry Ansdell, we learn about what church is, how church started, and what church is supposed to look like and how it should relate to you personally.
Sun, Dec 17, 2017
The story of Jesus's birth serves a greater purpose than a Christmas morning reading. In this study, we learn how the Biblical accounts of the birth of Christ actually fill in a lot of details and serve as a prequel to the gospel message. The accounts given of the birth of our Savior are a key tool when witnessing to others during this Christmas season.
Mon, Dec 11, 2017
Duration: 4 mins 5 secs
What does Christmas mean to you? In this study, here members of Hosanna share why Christmas is important to them and what God has done in their lives.
Sun, Dec 03, 2017
A lot of stories of sexual harassment have been surfacing lately, and as Christians it is important to know how to approach such matters. The place to begin is by learning not only how God feels about the matter of sexual harassment, but in this study we also learn why sexual harassment occurs. While harassment is committed against both genders, this study by Pastor Garry Ansdell focuses on why sexual harassment is committed against women specifically in the workplace setting.
Sun, Dec 03, 2017
Duration: 15 mins 38 secs
What is God's view of sexual harassment? Even more importantly, how does God see His children who have been affected by this topic? Sexual harassment can be hard to deal with if you are unfamiliar with the Biblical Perspective on it. In this study, we begin to see what scripture has to say about sexual misconduct and harassment and how it relates to society today. After this video be sure to watch the sequel, "A Biblical View of Women Who Have Been Sexually Harassed" by Pastor Garry Ansdell.
Sun, Nov 19, 2017
In this continuation of the Why___? series, why do we as believers experience the rapture rather than the wrath of God? By going over scriptures that speak of the rapture, the second coming of Christ, and the wrath of God, we learn from Paul about what will come in the end times and how believers and those of the world will be affected.
Sun, Oct 29, 2017
In a world where we are widely exposed to different cultures, religions, and traditions, we can learn from the example of Paul in Acts 17 that we can learn about other cultures in order to better reach the people who are part of them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Sun, Oct 15, 2017
Duration: 1 hr 16 mins 17 secs
In this study about hope and faith, we learn from one another about hoe we can have hope through our faith in Jesus Christ. Watch this study full of personal testimonies of members at Hosanna as they share about the trials they have endured and the hope they have gained from their faith in Christ.
Sun, Oct 08, 2017
Duration: 51 mins 46 secs
In everything bad or evil that happens, God shows His hand in the good He is able to accomplish. Watch this study on how good is seen in different circumstances and how we as God's people can be used for His good work.
Sun, Oct 01, 2017
Duration: 44 mins 36 secs
In this study on why we bind spirits, Pastor Garry teaches on the power and authority we have as children of God adopted into his family over principalities and powers of darkness.
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