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Wed, Mar 21, 2018
Series: Colossians
Duration: 1 mins 4 secs
In Colossians 1, God truly desires a relationship with you. He wants to forgive you and bless you, but He's waiting for you to take the step to ask for His forgiveness. Watch this study to learn more about how much God desires to forgive you and begin a strong relationship with you.
Sun, Mar 18, 2018
Series: Colossians
Duration: 55 mins 35 secs
Have you ever called Jesus "Lord" or heard someone else call Him "Lord"? What exactly does that mean? We often do not realize the magnitude the words we use carry, but in this study by Pastor Nathan Hamre we look into what it means exactly for Jesus to be Lord. By going through Colossians, we see how powerful Jesus is and with all certainty we praise Him as our Lord.
Wed, Mar 14, 2018
Has someone ever requested that you would pray for them, but you weren’t really sure how? We are told to pray for our brothers and sisters, but what exactly should we pray for? Watch this study from Colossians 1:9 that teaches us how best to pray for others by seeing how Paul did. Take these things to heart as you pray for your fellow believers each and every day.
Sun, Mar 11, 2018
Passage: Genesis 5-6
Series: Genesis
How many times have we skipped over those genealogy chapters in our reading of scripture? Why are names so important anyway? In this Bible study by Pastor Garry Ansdell, we learn about the power behind names within one of those genealogy chapters as God presents the gospel story within the first 5 chapters of the Bible.
Wed, Mar 07, 2018
As Christians, we have a lot of reasons to be filled with joy. No matter what happens day to day, we can have faith in God to be there for us, His children. And, when it seems like there isn’t much to be praising God for, we can find joy in the fact that we are covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and will be in heaven in the presence of God someday.
Sun, Mar 04, 2018
Passage: Genesis 4:0
Series: Genesis
In Genesis 4 the effects of Adam and Eve's sins begin to take shape in humanity when Cain kills his brother Abel. By seeing the effect this death must have had on Adam and Eve, we can begin to see how God is effected by our sins and how He felt when He lost us to the world in Genesis 3.
Wed, Feb 28, 2018
In this conclusion of Pastor Nathan Hamre's series through Philippians, we learn about the most important priority in life. Also, a complete overview of the book of Philippians shows the main points of the book as well as the main goals of living for every Christian.
Sun, Feb 25, 2018
Passage: Genesis 3
Series: Genesis
In Genesis 3, man became cursed because of sin. In this study, we learn about how to overcome that curse by focusing on God. By seeking out God in all that we do and relying on Him as the center of every relationship, we learn how to be more like Jesus every day and live out what He wants us to do while on earth.
Wed, Feb 21, 2018
Series: Philippians
One of the main characteristics of a Christian should be their ability to give joyfully as they have received. In this way, we are able to take what God has blessed us with and support others, especially our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.
Sun, Feb 18, 2018
Passage: Genesis 3:0
Series: Genesis
Duration: 47 mins 24 secs
In today's society, women are being taught not to be feminine, but to be equal to men. In all areas of life, an idea is continually forming that a lady is her own gentleman and no different from a man at all. In scripture, however, there is a simplicity of gender roles that begins in Genesis 3. In Christ, a woman can be empowered, intelligent, and the best she can be in all that she does, while still fulfilling her call as a biblical example of a godly woman, while men fulfill their call as godly men.
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